Apple’s new product announcements have almost become a comfortable routine. It starts with speculation and wildly unfounded rumors, then moves along to leaks and mistakes that actually give a sense of what the new product may be. The rumor mill heats up, Apple announces that it has an announcement, the rumor mill really heats up, then finally – after months of hang wringing, we actually get to see the next new thing out of Cupertino.

As maddening as it can be though, Apple has earned it. So, let’s join in on the fun and games and round up what the tech media says we’ll see tomorrow during Apple’s big announcement.

iPhone 5

The next-generation iPhone is the big, shiny object of the announcement. Here’s what the rumor mill says to expect:

  • A redesigned, thinner body. An aesthetically pleasing design change that will also help create a bigger active screen space.
  • Edge-to-edge display.
  • An 8MP camera. A huge upgrade from the iPhone 4 and by far the best phone camera in the market. Panoramic ability may also be included.
  • Voice controls. Android phones have a huge lead in this department, and Apple’s integration of Siri’s Assistant technology will give them a great entry point.
  • A new home button. A minor redesign from a functionality standpoint that will have a huge effect on how the new phone looks.
  • CDMA and GSM support. This is actually pretty big as it will allow iPhones to be more compatible with other US and international carriers.

iPhone 4GS

Well, we don’t really know if it’ll be called the 4GS, but a cheaper, lower-end version of the iPhone 4has long been rumored, and confirmed this weekend by Gizmodo. Whether we’ll see it announced tomorrow is yet to be seen.

We’ll get some concrete answers to what’s next tomorrow, so get the last of your speculation in while you can.

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