There are hundreds of thousands of men and women out there who work around the clock fixing your heater, making sure your lights are working, building roads and bridges and keeping the country’s infrastructure up and running. Often, they’re lucky to receive as much as a “thank you” as acknowledgement before tirelessly moving onto the next job. It can be a thankless job to be sure.

That’s why Irwin Tools has named today, September 16, 2011, the first annual National Tradesmen Day – a day to celebrate and appreciate everything you do for us. The company has dedicated a sizeable chunk of its website to honor the nation’s tradesmen and women, including a press release and video. Irwin Tools CEO Ross Porter had this to say in an open letter to the nation’s tradesmen:

“For some, it’s just a job – a means to an end. But for you, what you do is who you are. It’s a calling. It’s part of you. It’s what sets you apart. … With you, it’s not just about doing work. It’s about doing your life’s work. And for this, Irwin Tools would like to say THANKS.”

The Tennessean of Nashville, Tenn. ran a story earlier this week in recognition of today’s holiday titled “Tradesmen Deserve Their Day in the Sun,” a heartfelt plea for us to appreciate more what you do for us daily. Even Mike Rowe, the charismatic and affable host of “Dirty Jobs,” had a few things to say:

“A lot of people think I speak on behalf of America’s tradesmen. In fact, I don’t. From what I’ve seen, tradesmen don’t really need a ‘spokesman’ – what they need are fans, regular people who understand the magnitude of their work, the impact of their chosen profession, and the importance of their skill. … I’m happy to honor our country’s skilled tradesmen on Sept. 16, and the 364 days that follow. I’d encourage anyone else who has benefited from their work to do the same.”

Sure, these quotes are a tiny bit schmaltzy and this day most likely got its start in Irwin Tools’ marketing department, but who cares? It’s important that people recognize the work these folks do, so what’s the harm. And all you tradesmen and women, take a rare moment to kick back and relish in the thanks lavished upon you today and know that we truly are grateful for all you do … then get back out there and keep doing what you do best. This world would fall apart without you!