Whoever said enterprise tech conferences aren’t fun has not been to Dreamforce. Between ServiceMax’s booth kegs, Metallica rocking Moscone and meeting so many great people and companies, we had a great time at the show.

It’s amazing to think that a company founded just over a decade ago has amassed such a passionate and loyal customer base to fill Moscone Convention Center with 45,000 people. The cloud has had its obvious benefits and drastic effects on businesses. Taking a step further though, many people within those businesses have also had their lives made much simpler and have looked like rockstars by transforming entire organizations by choosing the cloud. These are delighted customers who have developed a strong bond with Salesforce.com over the years, and this is exactly the type of relationship ServiceMax strives for with every customer we ever work with as well.

We hope you got a chance to come by our booth into the “sea of orange” and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Here are some highlights from the show! (Click for full size)

The booth got a little crowded. What can we say? We’re pretty popular. Kevin Rusin from McKinley Equipment demo-ing the new ServiceMax for iPad Dave delivering his “How to Build a Successful SaaS Startup” Presentation to a standing room only crowd Metallica… Off to never never land!