New software on the market allows service technicians to communicate in the field — and with the back office — through two-way text messaging. Republished with permission from Mobile Enterprise.

Mosio, a mobile software company providing text messaging and mobile Web solutions for businesses, announced the launch of FieldForce Mobile, a Web-based mobile messaging software for the mobile workforce. The service enables companies to save time and money on phone calls by communicating with their workers via two-way text messages.

Designed to give small and medium-sized businesses a competitive mobile edge without the need to buy new phones or hardware, FieldForce Mobile is on-demand two-way text messaging software empowering companies with 5 – 500 reps, technicians, drivers, or contractors working away from the office.

“The massive shift in the way people communicate with each other using mobile phones offers great advantages to businesses interested in communicating with their workers on-the-go. In the past this has been cost-prohibitive because of the need to buy new mobile devices and hardware, sign carrier contracts, or develop apps. Mosio’s FieldForce offers companies the ability to let their workers use the phones they already have, but empowers management with internal business interactions from a Web-based dashboard, offering visibility, control and increased revenues through improved work communication efficiencies,” says Noel Chandler, CEO of Mosio.

“Mobility has been reserved for larger companies willing to spend more money to outfit their workforces with the newest technologies, creating a competitive gap over smaller companies still using phone calls, push-to-talk or two-way radio communications for dispatch and field support. FieldForce levels the playing field for mobile workforce communications by tapping into two things everyone in business has: a text message-enabled phone in their pocket and the Internet back at the office,” adds Chandler.

Mosio’s FieldForce Enables Businesses to:

  • Improve visibility with a real-time dashboard for managers, dispatchers, or support teams.
  • Increase productivity by reducing “talk time” and voicemail phone tag.
  • Grow sales by giving workers more time to focus on revenue-generating related activities.
  • Reduce costs by saving time and minimizing mistakes.

How it Works:

  • Workers simply text into a special “texting” number Mosio provides businesses to register for their company’s service.
  • Company agents receive and respond by typing via their computers on a Web-based interface.
  • Outbound text messages can be sent to one or more team members with real-time alerts, reminders or updates.
  • Inbound text messages are sent in by workers out in the field to give status updates, ask questions or place orders.

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