At ServiceMax we often speak about the tidal wave of change that we aim to bring to field service management. However, there are still many field service organizations out there who are mired in the old way of thinking – with legacy on-premise management services that are outdated and don’t leverage the capabilities of new technologies from the last decade or two.

That’s why we were thrilled when the Info-Tech Research Group named us the only “Innovator” in its recent Field Service Automation Vendor Landscape Report. This confirms what we already believe to be true – there is a new way that organizations can (and should) be approaching their field service management, and we’re leading the charge with our cloud-based solution.

We hear a great deal about the “cloud” these days, and it’s often associated with IT needs and software for desk-bound employees. But ServiceMax is taking this incredible technology out into the field with our iPad app so that all employees within an entire organization can benefit from the strength, capabilities and flexibility of the cloud.  And we’ve delivered other technology innovations like social collaboration that are true game changers for the industry.

Info-Tech says it best in the report: “Field service automation (FSA) software is a mature market. While FSA has been around for two decades, the market is changing due to mobile technologies that are altering core capabilities of field services personnel.”