Not only do GPS fleet tracking systems give businesses on the go a way to cut costs by increasing efficiency and decreasing wasted resources, their integration might provide fleet managers with a little bit of insight into who’s working hard, and who’s slacking off.

The idea is simple: the systems use real-time geolocation data to give managers a way to keep tabs on their mobile employees in the field. Sounds a little Big Brother-esque, yes, but the benefits far outweigh the initial discomfort of breaking the news to your employees that you’re keeping tabs on their every move. From increasing transparency to optimizing fleet routes and resources, GPS tracking systems can help transform a business, writes Matt Krautstrunk at Resource Nation.

The biggest challenge is the same with introducing any new piece of technology or management system – employee buy-in. Employees “may initially feel intimidated by a technology that monitors their every move; but you need to help them understand that fleet tracking technology isn’t to micro-manage; it’s to help improve efficiencies for both parties,” writes Krautstrunk.

The best way to introduce the next technology is by making sure employees are in the know about how it works and why you’re using it. Explain the benefits, which include a better understanding on the part of management about how employees are performing their jobs and better synchronicity when it comes to hours worked and compensation.

Krautstrunk points out a couple additional benefits that employees should welcome with open arms. Having a manager know where you are at all times eliminates the chance of accusations. Say your employee has been accused of showing up late for a job or driving recklessly in a certain part of town? If he’s in the clear, his driving records should prove it. Managers can also provide an incentive for hard workers that welcome the new technology, helping the company save money in the long run.

Besides, if your field service techs are putting in an honest day’s work, what do they have to hide?

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