It was the biggest tool submitted, and in the end it was also the best … the winner of The SmartVan’s “Cool Tool” Contest, and a brand new iPad 2, is Chad Engle for his power vac truck! Not only did Chad’s tool lead the way in terms of size, but like a veritable Swiss Army Truck, it’s also the most versatile. Just check out this list of ways this truck helped his company, Mite-E-Ducts Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning:

  • It’s “comfortable and easy to drive,” impressive given the truck’s size.
  • Vacuum power that’s “in a league by itself,” according to Engle.
  • It’s a tool that carries the rest of Chad’s tools.
  • As a “massive moving billboard,” this mobile advertising tool also drives new business.
  • Kids love this fire engine red truck and “FLEX,” the mascot painted on the side.

Congratulations Chad, and enjoy your new iPad 2!

Honorable Mention: Smedley’s 5-Foot Wrench

Field service workers emailed photos of so many great tools, choosing a winner became a very difficult decision in the end. The tool that came closest to knocking Chad’s power vac out of the top spot was the last submission we received: the giant wrenches used by Smedley’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. While not as big as a truck, you have to admire a family where all three generations pose with wrenches, some of them taller than an average fifth-grader.

We at The SmartVan didn’t even plan on giving honorable mention to anyone, let alone a prize. But in this case we couldn’t resist — for the Smedley family’s submission, we’re going to send them a $50 iTunes Gift Card!

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos and stories. We were extremely impressed by the response to this contest from field service workers across the globe (we even received a submission from Sweden), and had a great time shining the spotlight on the “cool tools” all of you depend on every day.

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