We’ve received photo submissions of a lot of cool tools so far. Some big, like Chad’s power vac truck. Some small, like Clay’s Mini Maglite. The last tool submission we received by the deadline (unless someone sends in a photo by the end of today, May 31) definitely goes into the “big” category. The photo was sent in by Kyle Smedley, along with the following story of what this tool is and why it’s so “cool”:

“This is the owner of Smedley Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning of Layton UT. Our essential tool is a 5-foot Rigid pipe wrench. Having this tool gives us peace of mind to know no job is too big. This big wrench has saved our lives a number of times in commercial buildings with huge pipe that needs to be broken down but has been rusted in place. This always takes care of the job.”

However, it isn’t just the owner who gets to tote around this gigantic wrench. On Smedley Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning’s Facebook page, they posted the photo to the left, titled “Three Generations.” Now there’s the kind of family you need around if your commercial building has some hard-to-fix plumbing issues.

Thanks for sharing your photo and your story, Kyle, and good luck in the contest. We’ll be announcing the winner soon, so stay tuned to see who’ll receive a brand new iPad 2!

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