We’ve had a surprisingly strong international response for our “Cool Tool” contest on The SmartVan. It’s pretty simple. We asked field technicians all over to send a photo — or, as in Rich’s case, a video — of their favorite tool with a brief explanation about why their tool is so cool — and essential to their business. So many great submissions thus far. Here’s one from a tech in Sweden and the legend of his sledgehammer.

Rich Parker of Byggmax, a Scandinavian DIY discount retailer, had this to say about his brutish tool:

The sledgehammer (or slugger, if one were to translate the Swedish name!) is essential for building, as it paves the way for laying the foundations; what it lacks in finesse, it more than makes up for in sheer brutal vitality!

Can’t argue with that! And what’s more, Rich even sent in a video of the wreckage in progress, set to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer.”

Thanks, Rich, and best of luck in the contest. Thanks, too, for reminding our readers that videos, as well as photos, are welcomed for our “Cool Tool” Contest, which is live until May 31. Think you have a tool that’s cooler than Rich’s? Show us for the chance to win a brand new iPad 2!


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