We’ve received some pretty “cool” photos and stories in response to our “Cool Tool” Contest, in which field service workers seem to be having a great time submitting photos of themselves and their favorite tools. Since an iPad 2 goes to the winner, the stakes are high, and some people have even written stories describing how important their specific tool is to them and their workday.

Recently we checked in with Chad, who had by far the biggest tool we’ve seen submitted — his power vac truck. This time, we’re shining the, err, flashlight on a smaller device, Clay’s Mini Maglite. We could explain what makes this little light is so important to Clay while he’s on the job at Control Tech Heating & Air Conditioning, but since he did such a good job we’ll let him take over…

I have selected my Mini Maglite L.E.D. flashlight as my “essential tool”! I don’t know what I would do without this simple tool. There have been countless situations where I have gone into a customer’s home — especially the basement — where lighting is very poor and I needed to look inside the furnace/air handler, evaporator coil, vents, ductwork, etc. This tool is invaluable! Some of my co-workers used to make fun of me for wearing this on my belt; but now, they all have one because they saw how great it was.

A short story … I was at a job with our Installation Manager, Jeremy; he was trying to figure out an issue with a steam humidifier in a basement. He couldn’t see very well because it was located in a dark corner of the basement. I handed him my Mini Maglite L.E.D. and he used it for the entire hour and a half we were there. After we left, he said “I’m going out and buying one of those today!” Please note, the day before he was busting my chops for having it! LOL

I would love to win the iPad 2! This would be a great tool for me to use with our customers. I see this as another invaluable “cool” tool that is making its way, very fitting, into the HVAC industry!

Thanks for sharing, Clay, and good luck in the contest. For those of you wishing you could get your hands on an iPad 2, there’s still time. Check out the “Cool Tool” Contest Page for instructions and submit a photo today!

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