Mobile technology’s touching all facets of business, and sales is no exception. Before service technicians can enter the field to solve a problem, sales has to deliver the customer — and the new generation of mobile devices are equipping those sales teams with even more ammunition to close the deal and ensure a steady stream of service work down the line.

We’ve covered the impact of mobile on the service set extensively on The SmartVan, but sales and marketing are prime beneficiaries of technological adoption. Mobile Enterprise’s Gavin Finn explains how the iPad and its ilk are transforming the sales and marketing side of business. Finn writes, “The extreme mobility that wireless devices afford enhances the salesforce’s ability to stay connected. Further, today’s devices offer more advanced capabilities to also serve as dynamic marketing tools when on the road. And, as we all know, face-to-face engagements are more important then ever.”

The hands-on nature of iPads and other tablets are a huge boon to mobile workforces. A salesperson’s ability, with an iPad, to give a demonstration or share a presentation all from a single screen makes it less likely that a distracted customer will lose interest. And interactive capabilities allow salespeople to show products in action. According to Finn:

Use of interactive, 3D product catalogs, for example, to deliver comprehensive, consistent, and compelling virtual demonstrations of entire product portfolios can lead to selling success. Marketers are finding that use of 3D product catalogs containing interactive photo-realistic representations of each product that offer the ability for users to rotate, zoom and measure, are supporting unparalleled sales differentiation.

iPads are popping up in myriad industries, including restaurants, hotels, and healthcare. Computerworld’s Patrick Thibodeau writes that Medtronic Inc., one of the nation’s largest medical equipment manufacturers, purchased 4,500 iPads last year for its employees. And The Wall Street Journal followed up with a report about how the medical sales field is one of the fastest adopters of iPads, allowing sales teams to effectively engage with doctors and other potential clients.

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