French automaker Renault’s set to release a new all-electric commercial van at this year’s Geneva Motorshow, which starts this week in Geneva, Switzerland. The Kangoo Z.E., an all-electric and slightly modified version of a popular Renault passenger van model. Not available until the fall (and likely not available in the U.S.), Renault has already begun taking orders in Europe for its all-electric model.

According to Gizmag’s Mike Hanlon, the Kangoo Maxi is a practical commercial vehicle for service organizations of all types. Available in a two- or five-seat configuration, the van’s able to accommodate technician’s requirements, whether it be storage space or seating for coworkers. A lithium-ion battery, hidden beneath the Kangoo Maxi’s floor, powers a 44kW (60 hp) engine with a 105-mile driving radius and a 3/4-ton payload. The van certainly won’t be the most powerful choice out there, but the Maxi’s affordable cost and low operating cost will entice service organizations that don’t need the ability to travel long distances between service calls. (Here are a few more specs from Renault.)

The van, which will cost 21,200 euro, or $29,200, before any applicable governmental tax breaks, will also require owners to “rent” the van’s lithium-ion battery from Renault, adding an additional $100 per month. Even still, the Kangoo Maxi’s affordable sticker price, combined with lower operational costs, should entice managers who don’t require their fleets to cover long distances every day.

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