Service organizations that support mostly commercial clients may encounter an unexpected sidekick in the battle to lower customers’ office energy bills — software.

We’ve covered the emerging trend in energy management and demand-response products for homeowners on The SmartVan, but the commercial setting has always been DR’s sweet spot, and, with EPA estimates that nearly 30 percent of commercial energy is wasted — new products on the market open plenty of doors for HVAC and other support outfits in the commercial arena.

JouleX, an energy management software company, gauges energy use in the largest commercial environments– think large data centers, corporate offices or any site that has a lot of office equipment with an insatiable energy appetite. As Klint Finley of ReadWriteWeb writes, “It can monitor anything with an IP address – PCs, servers, even IP-enabled HVAC units, etc. – all without clients or hardware.”

That’s right, JouleX tracks the energy consumption of nearly every Internet-connected device in the office that customers didn’t know were such an energy drain. And the list is constantly growing as more devices turn wireless. The latest edition of JouleX even allows users to power-down devices or dim lights from supported mobile devices. What’s more, JouleX can predict the cost savings that energy efficiency upgrades will deliver — possibly spurring corporate customers to overhaul HVAC, lighting and other power-draining systems, a huge business opportunity for the service community and a likely harbinger of what’s to come in commercial green tech.