RIM’s New Playbook Tablet Aims for the Enterprise

Here’s the latest tablet PC targeting business, especially those reliant upon field service operations. Forbes’ Elizabeth Woyke recently previewed the yet-to-be-released PlayBook tablet, focusing on the device’s application to business customers.

Developed by Research in Motion (makers of the popular BlackBerry smartphones), the tablet is expected to be a big hit with businesses, many of which already equip their employees with BlackBerrys. RIM will make it even easier for managers to integrate PlayBook tablets into their organizations by enabling a wireless connection between the tablet and a BlackBerry. Once connected, users can access a wealth of information on the PlayBook’s larger screen, including memos, calendar dates and contact information.

Research in Motion has been mum on several details, including cost and exact launch date, but expect to see the tablet on the market early this year. As for other specs, the PlayBook will feature a seven-inch screen, weighs in at less than a pound and will feature both a wi-fi and a 4G version, tethered to Sprint Nextel’s network. (Apple’s iPad weights 1.5 pounds and includes a 9.2-inch screen.)