Current Issue: Fall 2018

The predictive service issue: Learn how companies like Compac, SIG and GE Power use equipment data to run a savvier service operation. Plus, meet the techs who maintain 700,000 miles of internet cables on the seafloor & more.
  • When Machines Talk: Swiss Food Packaging Giant Dishes Up Digital Maintenance

    By blending two ServiceMax applications—asset performance management and field service management—Switzerland’s SIG gets savvy about equipment maintenance.

  • Just Like Batman: Techs Use Grappling Hooks and Gravity to Fix Undersea Internet Cables

    Ninety-seven percent of the world’s internet data travels via submerged cables. It takes a lot to keep 700,000 miles of those cables connected—and the data flowing.

  • Innovation Breeds Innovation: Why Predix ServiceMax Leverages the Salesforce Platform

    ServiceMax CEO Scott Berg on the company’s commitment to the Salesforce platform.

  • For Compac, Sorting a Bounty of Fresh Produce at Peak Quality Hinges on an Efficient Service Operation

    After the harvest, the time-sensitive work begins in the packhouse to sort, pack and ship produce before it spoils.

  • For Industrial Businesses, GE Digital’s APM + FSM Applications Are a Winning Combo

    In this post adapted from Diginomica, ServiceMax’s VP of product marketing, Lubor Ptacek, explains how Asset Performance Management (APM) and Field Service Management (FSM) help companies to work smarter, not harder.

  • Why Asset Performance Management Is the Next Frontier in Service

    GE Digital’s Eddie Amos, who leads the company’s Predix industrial application efforts, explains how connected technologies help companies work more efficiently.

  • Beyond the Naked Eye: How Tech Is Revolutionizing Industrial Inspections

    With robots, AI, predictive analytics and drones, Avitas Systems eyes a better way to inspect pipelines, oil rigs and other industrial equipment.

  • At GE Power, Small Changes Equal Big Results

    Efficiency and improved asset monitoring have GE Power planning a future of zero unplanned downtimes for millions of customs across the globe.

  • Ask the Experts: How Do You Track Equipment Performance?

    Three industry pros weigh in on the next big-data source that will transform how service leaders make decisions.

  • 5 Tricks to Becoming a Service Data Expert

    Service data is a key piece of the decision-making puzzle that can add crucial intelligence about manufacturing performance and profitability. But it’s only helpful if your team has the correct analysis skills.

  • How an App Keeps Service Techs Safe On—and Off—the Job

    For field service workers, Safety Link proves an off-the-grid lifeline that’s already saved lives.