What’s Your State’s Most Distinctive Job?
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Do you need more proof that field service runs the world? Check out this infographic from HR software provider Cornerstone OnDemand that breaks down each state’s most disproportionately popular job. Field service professions dominate the list, from the oil fields in Texas and North Dakota to the forests in Oregon and Maine.

The graphic, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ occupation report, shows that the field service industry, in all of its diversity, keeps the country moving. Consider extraction workers in North Dakota’s booming fracking industry. Or mining roof bolters in West Virginian coal mines. The work — sometimes dangerous, always critical — so often defines what it means to be from one place (and not another).

Are you employed in your state’s most distinctive job? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

View the full infographic at Cornerstone OnDemand.