Spring 2017

Smart service organizations are thinking beyond products and services in the new digital economy.
  • The New Industrialists: Pioneering the Outcome-Based Service Economy

    Dave Yarnold (former ServiceMax CEO) and Bill Ruh (former GE Digital CEO) on why customers don’t want products or services—they want results.

  • Sky Italia’s Field Techs Dish Up Sales

    The Italian satellite provider has a plan to boost service profits—and it all starts with its dish installers’ soft skills.

  • Stand Out From the Field With Proactive Business Development

    Service firms have a problem: Customers recognize great products, but can’t always spot quality service.

  • How GE Healthcare Japan Changed Its Service Culture

    Staying ahead of customer expectations (and earthquakes) when lives are on the line.

  • GE’s New Dimension: 3D Printing

    The consumer 3D-printing dream may have fizzled, but the technology is reshaping how high-tech manufacturers build and fix machines. Exhibit A: Jet engines.

  • IoT Transforms Service at Medical Technology Firm Elekta

    Preventative maintenance meets preventative healthcare at the Swedish radiation therapy provider.

  • The IoT Lights Up Connected Power Plants

    GE has an ambitious plan to keep power plants from going dark. The key? The company’s Predix platform.

  • Field Service Steers Toward Self-Driving Tech

    Automated dispatch gets a whole new meaning with autonomous fleet technologies.

  • Ask the Experts: What’s the Biggest Opportunity in Service?

    Six industry pros weigh in on what excites them most in field service.