Environmental Service Companies are Leveraging Technology for Efficient Scheduling

by | Dec 8, 2020

Environmental service companies must be ready to respond promptly when a need arises. It is critical that when a call comes in, the responding service company is able to quickly dispatch a workforce to the job. Unfortunately, many environmental service providers rely heavily on paper processes, which can cause numerous inaccuracies and inefficiencies. As a result, service providers that are leveraging technology to streamline processes are becoming preferred vendors. Mobile field operations solutions, such as FieldFX, paired with GPS tracking software like Linxup, are providing the perfect partnership for efficient and fast scheduling of jobs.

When scheduling a job, there are several things that need to be accounted for, such as which field workers are properly certified and who is available for work. But, if arriving on-site quickly is of importance, having a clear view of the location of each crewmember is vital. Linxup’s GPS tracking devices provide real-time location data, allowing visibility to crewmembers’ vehicle locations and giving you a bird’s eye view to who is closest to the job site.

It all starts in FieldFX. A call comes in and a job is created. Moving away from paper processes allows environmental service companies to ensure the four-way-match, which is an accurate quote, producing an accurate ticket, generating an accurate invoice, with the price book serving as the common foundation. As the job moves into the FX Schedule & Dispatch module, the Scheduler has all the pertinent personnel and equipment information in one place. The Scheduler can see all the field workers’ qualifications and certifications, they have visibility into what crewmembers are available and by leveraging their GPS locations they know who to schedule and when. Then, with the FieldFX alert engine, the Scheduler is able to set up automatic email and text alerts to be sent to an individual or an entire crew, letting them know where they are needed. 

Linxup’s real time GPS data provides a valuable piece of the scheduling puzzle. The Linxup tracker is a small device plugged into the OBD port of a vehicle, or wired under the dashboard for a more discreet installation. The devices report GPS location data once a minute when vehicles are running or idling, and once an hour when the vehicle is turned off. When a call comes in, the address or location can be searched on the Linxup map, and the Scheduler will instantly see the locations of the nearest crews and vehicles. An instant geofence can even be created on the searched for address, allowing the Scheduler to receive alerts when the crew arrives at the scene and when they leave. Find out more info here.

In the service industry, convenience and speed are king. Leveraging technology to ensure an efficient scheduling process confirms you have the best resources assigned in an efficient manner, ultimately providing your customers with the best possible service.