Middleware- The Software Bridge

by | Aug 14, 2020

Middleware is software that bridges the gap between on-premise or cloud-based systems and applications to form seamless communication. With the help of middleware, companies are able to fully integrate communication between software systems that otherwise would be independent. If software systems are left isolated and siloed off, communication may be fractured causing application challenges, data issues and other difficulties.

Today businesses must be able to support a variety of software connections to be able to keep up with the demands of their growing businesses. There are also manual alternatives to middleware that can be a great fit for some organizations. However, for more complex organizations, with more data and the need to be connected to a larger variety of software or applications, this option may be too arduous. This is where middleware works its magic.

FieldFX customers are able to leverage middleware to integrate with their ERP, CRM, payroll systems, legacy systems and many other business software and applications to create an integrated holistic system. With simplified communication channels, organizations are able to enjoy streamlined business processes like quote-to-cash and inventory management.

Middleware creates a bridge for data to seamlessly pass from FieldFX to other software systems which helps organizations leverage data for analytics and increase communication that can have a significant impact on a company:

  • Contract Compliance Made Easy
  • More Invoice Accuracy
  • Insight into Current Metrics
  • Eliminate System Silos
  • Enhanced Field Management

Middleware is not required to implement FieldFX. But, if an organization’s end goal is to streamline and automate processes in a faster more efficient way, middleware may be the answer.

In a recent webinar, we showcased how Nine Energy Services achieved integration of FieldFX with their ERP system with the help of one of our middleware partners, Boomi. To learn how Nine Energy Service Seamlessly Integrates Quote-to-Cash with FieldFX and Boomi click here to watch the webinar.