The Four-Way-Match with FieldFX: Improving the Quote-to-Cash Process

by | Aug 7, 2020

Quote-to-Cash is one of the most critical processes for many service providers, yet few organizations have effectively optimized the process. Many companies take a manual approach in executing their Quote-to-Cash workflows. All work is done on paper, Excel, email, or even on a whiteboard. These manual processes create a lack of real-time information, causing departments to become siloed, costly to an organization. 

Slower Cash Flow

Often, the agreed-upon quote does not match the invoice, causing the customer to kick back the invoice. The accounting department now has to negotiate with the customer to figure out where the information does not match. This problem can take days or weeks to resolve, leading to high-day sales outstanding (DSO) and significantly slowing down the incoming cash flow.

Revenue Leakage

In the Quote-to-Cash process, you must send a quote to the customer before the job can begin. The scope of work usually will determine what the quote will include.  Rogue pricing can occur during this time, and heavily discounted items can quickly add up and impact revenue leakage of the company.

Invoicing all quoted items can be challenging when processes are strictly on paper. You cannot invoice for lost paper tickets or billable items left off the ticket. These mistakes can go unnoticed, leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Revenue leakage of any kind can hurt the profitability of a company.

Decentralized Data

When organizations heavily rely on manual processes, they store collected data in many different ways. Decentralized data limits access to critical information resulting in a lack of transparency between departments. Teams aren’t able to attain important information that can make them more effective and efficient.

Today many companies use data to make essential business decisions. But when data is decentralized, companies are not able to leverage analytics and reporting capabilities. The lack of insight from these powerful tools makes it difficult for organizations to make data-driven financial and operational business decisions.

FieldFX: The Four-Way Match

FieldFX digitizes, automates, and streamlines the Quote-to-Cash process, which reduces the time and resources traditionally spent on manual approaches. FieldFX’s four-way match is an accurate quote, producing an accurate ticket, generating an accurate invoice- with the price book serving as the common foundation. The alignment of information from a price book to the final invoice ensures the customer is presented with the correct and complete invoice the first time around. Before processing, invoices would take days or weeks, but with FieldFX, you can invoice the customer the same day you complete the job. See how FieldFX impacts every stage of the Quote-to-Cash process in this infographic.

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