FieldFX: Breaking Down Departmental Silos

by | Jul 15, 2020

The Quote-to-Cash process encompasses a large set of business processes, from the field to the backoffice, making it an integral part of a successful business. With the process being so complex, it practically touches every department. Since many companies still rely on paper and other manual approaches, departments may end up siloed from one another due to the lack of free-flowing information. An inefficient Quote-to-Cash process can cost organizations time, productivity and money.

LiquidFrameworks understands the complexity of the Quote-to-Cash process for service providers in the oilfield, industrial and environmental industries. Replacing manual processes with FieldFX, allows organizations to consolidate important data that can be stored in one easy to use system. When information seamlessly flows through the process within FieldFX, errors and duplicates are eliminated. FieldFX’s four-way-match, an accurate quote, producing an accurate ticket, generating an accurate invoice- with the price book serving as the common foundation is able to eliminate revenue leakage and accelerate cash flow.

Check out the infographic below to see how the FieldFX product suite streamlines processes for departments across the Quote-to-Cash process, eliminating the silos. Businesses can now keep the big picture in mind based, on information from each department, to make strategic decisions.

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