Geolocation’s a hot topic these days with consumers — but the technology’s more than just check-ins on Foursquare. It has real, valuable applications in the enterprise. ServiceMax CEO Dave Yarnold shared his vision for geolocation in the service industry this week on Mashable with “How Geolocation Will Revolutionize the On-Site Service Industry.” (Disclosure: ServiceMax is a sponsor of The SmartVan). Here’s the post:

Geolocation services are popping up for consumers everywhere, from Uber, which sends a car service to your door two times faster than a cab, to Bizzy, an app that shows you where your friends have dined lately and offers their recommendations.

But what about the enterprise? Shouldn’t this revolutionary technology be transforming companies and not just consumer habits? Well, it is. First, cloud computing transformed enterprises by allowing employees to be mobile while staying connected to the office. And now geolocation is furthering the transformation, most dramatically in the area of field service. Field service is best understood as the HVAC technician or equipment repair person who spends most of his or her time on the road, servicing machines and sourcing parts to make repairs.

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