Are you a ServiceMax system admin, process wiz or a self-professed “data nerd”? Or maybe you’ve got no idea what field sets, validation rules and bi-directional integration can do for you, but you are yearning to know more. Well, we hope you’ve registered for Maximize, because the Service Technology track will be right up your alley.

Join us at Maximize 2017 to gather all you need to take your current or planned ServiceMax deployment to the next level of awesome. With sessions by Maxperts and key technology partners, like Nintex and Prontoforms, the goal of each session is to highlight amazing ways for you to get more out of your ServiceMax deployment. Speakers will share tips and tricks, best practices and show you “the art of the possible.” Hot topics include:

  • Mobile experience
  • ERP integration
  • Checklists
  • Service Flow Manager
  • Forms generation
  • Document generation
  • IoT/Connected Field Service

So the next time your service leader swings by your desk, casually commenting about how it would be so cool if ServiceMax auto-populated X while validating that Y was happening before Z so that they could really overachieve against customer expectations you’ll be ready.

Rock on, rock star.

ABOUT Susan Tonkin

Susan TonkinSusan Tonkin is the former manager of analyst relations and product marketing at ServiceMax and a regular webinar speaker and writer on field service topics. Susan joined ServiceMax in 2011, spearheading analyst relations and product launch activities as ServiceMax grew exponentially. Prior to joining ServiceMax, she spent more than a decade managing product marketing at Cloud and Enterprise software companies such as Saba and Extensity; working regularly with customers, analysts and partners to bring exciting products to market. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College of California.