Welcome back to our Maxpert video series brought to you by the ServiceMax Product Management team. These in-depth videos provide you with a better understanding of how ServiceMax helps simplify complex field service delivery processes and improve them for greater productivity, growth, compliance and customer satisfaction. Join us, as Anita D’Souza explains the ServiceMax Entitlements Engine in detail and demonstrates how easy it is to stop giving away valuable service.

If you are going to “error,” best do it on the side of the customer, right? No doubt, your best field technician or engineer will agree. As the face of your company, your field technicians make critical customer care decisions every day and it’s imperative that they are prepared for any situation.

While it’s important that they have the right parts in hand and resolve issues fast, it is even more critical that they know if the service being delivered is in accordance with the terms agreed to by the customer. Simply put, they need to know if the customer is entitled to the service being delivered. For example, a customer may not be entitled for work if an engineer shows up with the wrong maintenance schedule and performs unnecessary work, or if the customer asks the engineer to fix another piece of equipment while on site and it’s not under warranty. Both scenarios seem great for customers, but just wait until they discover they have been charged for unnecessary or extra work. It is hard to recoup the true value of the service you’ve delivered when customers’ continually dispute invoices.

ServiceMax provides a simple, flexible way to manage all of your contract and warranty entitlements, evaluates them automatically based on rules, and keeps them in one place for easy access for support and service teams-even if they are offline in the field. Watch Anita explain the ServiceMax Entitlements Engine to find out how you can stop revenue leakage, improve contract compliance and deliver the right pricing information to your technician, so no dollar is left behind.

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ABOUT Micki Collart

Avatar photoMicki Collart is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Arm Treasure Data. Previously, she was Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax.