It’s my favorite time of year: getting ready for Maximize, our annual customer conference and industry event. Seeing all the pieces come together for these events always inspires me, reconnects me to our customers and their stories, and excites me as I get a sneak peek into new products and trends impacting the service industry.

Maximize has all the key components of a successful event (keynotes and breakouts, expo halls, training centers, networking …), but it’s more than that. I am genuinely inspired by the amazing community of people that make it their business to service the things that keep our world running. The customer is the centerpiece as we put our program together (whether it be those leveraging service technology or their customers who are receiving a new level of service); their stories of success and sometimes even failure are how our community will learn, grow and “Maximize” their efforts to transform their service businesses.

I can also tell you that as we pack up after our global Maximize events every year, our customers and future customers that attend these events make it a point to thank us for a valuable program and make comments like, “I wish more people from our organization were here to see this.” So, in an effort to get to those folks on the fence about attending, here are five key reasons to attend this event and truly Maximize your investment in your service business:

  • Customer stories. Hearing first-hand customer journey stories will help you no matter where you are on your transformation journey. It can serve as a template to set up your project, involve the right people, set and track the right metrics, and create reasonable timelines.
  • Product innovation. In SaaS technology things move fast, and what you couldn’t do yesterday, you can do today. Get first-hand details of the latest product innovations, partnerships that matter to your business, and a look at the product roadmap.
  • 3rd Party Validation. Maybe you or your leaders need to hear about how to get the most value from field service from an unbiased expert to better understand what areas you want to focus on next. At Maximize, learn from field service experts at leading firms such as Gartner, IDC, The Service Council and more.
  • Meet with an Expert! We have experts that can help you continue on the transformation path, no matter what stage you are in. If you are in the initial stages of mapping what areas to tackle first, we have transformation experts that can help you with a Maturity Assessment of your field service business. Or set up a business value realization session to help your team identify the value that service transformation can deliver back to your business. For those of you further along on the journey who want to go deep with our product and education experts, we have hands on training, deep dive demonstrations, breakout sessions and roundtables covering topics like: Scheduling, Connected Field Service, Mobile, Sync technology, Service Performance Metrics and Dispatching.
  • Connections. We’ve created a strong, genuine, passionate community over the last seven years, dating back to our first Maximize. Meeting your peers in companies, industries and roles like yours can help expand your network, validate the work that you are doing and help guide you in your transformation journey.

As you can see, I am fired up already! We have some fun things in store for this event, our first as part of the GE Digital family. I hope to see you there, and for information on the premier field service event, and resources to help you get the travel budget you need to attend, check out our website at

See you in Vegas (or Tokyo, or Berlin)! Let’s Maximize.