You’ve spent a great deal of time and resources selecting the perfect Field Service technology vendor and hand-picked your team to help develop the processes and results you want to achieve.

It’s time to train your users! I like to call this, “Game Day!”

Think of your training event preparation like a sports team preparing for the big game. A lot happens before the team hits the field and once the game begins, everyone has a job to perform.

Let’s match up your project team roles with their jobs on training day:

Team Owner Project Sponsor Set the tone of the project and pick the team to help ensure success. Kickoff the training and set the tone and expectations of the project.
Coach Project Manager Runs the day-to-day project activities.  Manages the risks and timelines. Sits on the sidelines; answers any business questions not covered in the content and takes notes on in class feedback.
Quarterback Instructor Prepare the training materials according to the project charter. Delivers the training.
Equipment Manager System Administrator Manages the change logs, updates the application, as directed, prepares end-user support protocols. In room support. Training day is a great way to show your users you are there to support them going forward.
Cheerleaders Advocates Company champions hand-picked due to their positive attitude and influence to embrace change. Cheer! Support the training event as a super user and reach out to new users and show your support.
Fans Users Be prepared for change and training. Pay attention to the communications coming your way before the training and complete any pre-work, as directed. Show up for kickoff with your face paint and team jersey, ready to learn! Be excited and follow the instructor on game day.

It takes a team to create victories.  Remember, it’s not just the quarterback on the field.

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