The future of connected devices is fast approaching, and it will create new jobs that require new skill sets. Cisco, the company that’s helping to give rise to the Internet of Things, isn’t sitting on the sidelines. The company predicts that 50 billion devices and sensors will be connected by 2020, and it is training its IT and operational technology employees with new skills to do their jobs in an interconnected world.

Cisco has rolled out several new certification programs to prepare it employees for the challenges ahead. Smart service organizations will follow Cisco’s lead. Now’s the time to start thinking about how to train and certify technicians to deal with a future full of connected devices.

(via Automation World)

Must Reads This Week From the Field:

Salesforce is optimistic about wearable tech: In June, Salesforce launched a program called Wear to encourage developers to make apps for wearable devices like Google Glass. And Salesforce says it’s working. The company points at examples like APX-Labs’ smartglasses app for field service technicians. (via InfoWorld)

iPhone 6 coming next week: Speculation is running wild ahead of the likely iPhone 6 launch next week. Experts don’t expect a scratch-resistant sapphire screen, but they predict the phone will be available in two sizes — a 4.7-inch and a new 5.5-inch screen model. Some analysts expect Apple to offer a 128 GB model, which would offer double the storage space of previous iPhones. (via CNET)

Rolls Royce exec talks service: Field service news editor Kris Oldland recently spoke with Dave Gordon, program director with Rolls Royce’s defense division in the U.K. Gordon says that half of the company’s revenue comes from service, and he describes Rolls Royce’s “power by the hour” service model. Watch the interview below. (via Field Service News)