Field service customers often call on field techs to install a new system or fix a broken part, but often they don’t know all the moving parts and necessary skills that go into a service call. That’s why it’s important to train customers. Why? When customers know the value an organization offers, customer loyalty increases, and ultimately customers and field techs save money by having a more knowledgable customer base, according to Cornerstone OnDemand’s “How to Train Your Partners & Customers” SlideShare. Training customers reaps great benefit for field service customer service¬†operations.

The following slides provide eight steps to train customers:

  • Create a central location for customers to access training resources
  • Provide real-time training on new products installed
  • Address common issues in a FAQ section to reduce customer service calls
  • Collaborate across social channels to help customers learn from their peers
  • Communicate how the organization operates to reduce risk when customers do at-home fix-its
  • Make it competitive by offering different certification levels upon training completion
  • Monitor the success of training offerings
  • Turn learning technology into a revenue stream by charging customers for the training

How to Train Your Partners & Customers from Cornerstone OnDemand