For a while there, it looked like the iPad’s cool factor wasn’t quite enough to win the hearts and minds of the CIOs and IT managers who would be implementing them. There were concerns over security, lack of enterprise apps, lack of a physical keyboard and inadequate or expensive management software. But a recent report released by Barclays Capital reveals that tech managers might be coming around.

According to Forbes, Barclays surveyed more than 100 CIO in the U.S. and Europe about their stance on tablet integration and brand preferences. Here’s the breakdown of where they stood:

  • 68 percent either already supported tablets in their companies or were preparing for a rollout
  • 18 percent were interested in tablets but had not yet reached the testing or deployment phase
  • Just 14 percent were not interested in using tablets at their companies

And a few more interesting stats:

  • 45 percent believed tablets would replace notebook computers
  • 38 percent did not think tablets would cannibalize any other type of work gadget
  • 13 percent believed tablets would displace desktops

And while the majority of CIO’s expressed support for Apple’s iPad (60 percent) or Android-powered tablets (45 percent), a sizable portion (32 percent) gave the nod toward Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook, which isn’t available for another couple weeks. Another wave of tablets set to hit the scene later this year will only give managers more options.

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