X-ray and Lab Equipment Maker Leverages Field Service Technology to Improve Customer Satisfaction, Cash Flow

It’s a story we hear regularly. Traditional field service organizations often find themselves stuck with disparate, if not archaic, technology and process. As a result, visibility and metrics – the key to proving business value to executives – becomes a scarce commodity and improving customer relations isn’t any easier.

In short, you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

With a global presence in more than 30 countries, x-ray- and spectrometer-manufacturer PANalytical B.V. found it difficult to benchmark and create best practices due to the use of different systems, which included Excel files, Lotus Notes, and in some cases, paper-based processes. And with technicians often in remote places like the Australian outback, you can quickly see how disconnection from home base creates an inefficient, groan-inducing situation.

“The most profound thing is our total invoicing time has reduced from 12 days down to less than a half day, which is very powerful.”

Enter ServiceMax, which gave PANalytical B.V. a cloud-based and mobile-ready field service management system to automate and ease all aspects of the process. The company now has a more customer-centric culture, from standardizing global service processes to enabling technicians to share best practices.

The results? Net promoter score went up 10 percent, first time fix rates have increased 2-3 percent globally on average and, according to John Oude Egbrink, Global Customer Support Director at PANalytical B.V., “the most profound thing is our total invoicing time has reduced from 12 days down to less than a half day, which is very powerful.”

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