ServiceMax 19.1, the first release of 2019, is now available!

In the quest for revenue growth, service organizations are determined to improve customer experience through innovation, ultimately increasing profitability, offering new products, and entering new markets. Critical to any service innovation undertaking is a service execution platform that is equally as innovative.

ServiceMax 19.1 delivers innovations that allow service organizations to provide technicians with more autonomy, to better enable their dispatchers, and to handle complex jobs with ease:

  • ServiceMax Go, our latest mobile app for technicians
  • Zinc real-time communication
  • Service Board, our new scheduling environment
  • ServiceMax Complex Jobs for equipment-centric operations

Technician Autonomy

For service organizations, qualified technicians are their most important resource. To thrive, despite the shortage of qualified technicians, service organizations go beyond making their inherently mobile workforce as productive as possible. Because even though dispatchers direct the work of in-house and third-party technicians in a prescriptive manner, technicians represent their brand in the field and need to make autonomous decisions on the spot. The device of choice for in-house and third-party technicians is usually a powerful phone with a larger screen. The challenge is to deliver comprehensive, complex service capabilities in a simple way to mobile screens, enabling technicians to do more with the mobile form factor.

What technicians need is an app that helps them plan their work, execute it efficiently, and communicate with their team members, back office staff, and other technical experts — all on their preferred device. ServiceMax Go, and Zinc’s secure, real-time communication module give them all that, delivered in a consumer-style experience.

Dispatcher Empowerment

Service organizations are constantly seeking to strengthen the decision-making abilities of their dispatchers. To schedule and dispatch the right technician, dispatchers need to quickly understand and balance availability, eligibility, service level agreements, skills, and part inventories. Planned requests for maintenance, unplanned work orders and administrative unavailability times need to be worked into engineers’ schedules. As demand rises and the number of work orders and technicians grow, the increasing level of complexity makes fast, effective scheduling decisions increasingly challenging.

What dispatchers need in order to successfully complete their jobs are to easily see what is going on in their designated territories, be able to quickly zoom in on relevant details, and make decisions they feel confident about.

With artificial intelligence permeating all industries, service organizations too want to reap the benefits of a fully automated approach. Realizing that it is not a fit for every use case, they are often not willing to wholeheartedly commit to it. Unlike a fully automated, real-time optimization or a manual scheduling solution, release 19.1 adds capabilities for assisted scheduling and dispatch to the ServiceMax platform. Assisted scheduling augments the work of dispatchers and lessens the burden on them by delegating work to the system.

Dispatchers can access the new features through the interactive Service Board, a modern, dedicated scheduling environment. The cleverly laid out design of Service Board provides dispatchers with a 360-degree view of their work, lets them zoom in on what is important to them, and improves their decision-making.

Complex Jobs Planning and Execution

In an equipment-centric business, complex jobs and 24×7 operations require competent planning. ServiceMax Complex Jobs helps optimize scheduling of complex jobs with shift plans, crew management, and maintenance planning capabilities. Planners and schedulers get accurate information about technician availability, so they can deploy personnel and third-party contractors efficiently for projects.

Register for our ServiceMax 19.1 launch webinar on May 8 to hear more about our innovations:

  • ServiceMax Go, our latest mobile app for technicians
  • Zinc real-time communication
  • Service Board, our new scheduling environment
  • ServiceMax Complex Jobs for equipment-centric operations

About Katharina Streater

Katharina StreaterAs senior product marketing manager at ServiceMax, Katharina Streater drives the scheduling, contractor management, and analytics capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Passionate about technology, Katharina has extensive knowledge in analytics, AI, and held several marketing positions over 14 years at OpenText, a leader in Enterprise Information Management solutions. A native of Germany, she deepens the international character of the ServiceMax product marketing team.

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