We’ve been getting a lot of great submissions for our “Cool Tool” Contest, so many that we’ve decided to extend the contest to see what other great tools all you field service workers out there will submit. The biggest tool photographed and sent so far in came from Chad Engle, Field Manager at Mite-E-Ducts air duct & dryer vent cleaning in Zionsville, Indiana.

Usually a truck or a van isn’t considered a “tool,” even though they help field service technicians get around from job to job — making them indispensable. But Chad’s truck isn’t just a way to get from Point A to Point B. It also helps get the job done and drum up new business. Check out his tool, and his story…

The coolest tool I have is our Power Vac Truck. Without this truck we do not have a business. Along with our clients, we rely on the truck day in and day out. We love to work with these trucks due to the fact that they are comfortable and easy to drive. They can carry every other tool needed to complete our jobs. The vacuum power these trucks pull is in a league by itself. Plus, the truck itself is a selling point, a massive moving billboard. We get calls daily stating, “Just saw your truck, and we need our ducts cleaned.” Also the kids love the “fire truck” with our mascot FLEX on it.

Once our trucks have the masses’ attention, it’s simple to get jobs. BUT, once you have a job; do you have the tool or tools to do the job correctly and effectively? I believe we do!

Winning an iPad 2 for such an awesome “tool” seems like a perfect match. The best physical labor tool along with the best innovation tablet….ohh yeah!

The other guys have been wanting to get iPads. Making estimates easier, having the data at our finger tips, and the professionalism of the “big companies.”

Thanks for entering, Chad. Our “Cool Tool” Contest is going on until May 31, so send in those photos of you and your coolest tool for the chance to win a brand new iPad 2!

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