Managers looking to upgrade their service fleets have an intriguing new vehicle option: Nissan’s NV-Series full-size van, available this spring in three models.  Added bonus: Nissan is will include your signage and branding for free.

With entry pricing at $25,570, the Nissan NV checks in with a price tag slightly higher than the Chevrolet Express ($24,860) and lower than a comparable Ford E-Series ($28,185), the two models that currently dominate the U.S. commercial van market. Nissan, however, plans to throw in free exterior branding on new models purchased or leased, according to USA Today’s Chris Woodyard — an enticing incentive for managers interested in customizing their fleet.

The NV Series comes in three models: The base-model NV1500 features a V-6 engine, while the heavier duty NV2500 and NV3500 models offer a V-8 engine, standard in the top-end model. Additionally, the NV1500 comes with a standard room, while mangaers can opt for a high roof in NV2500 and NV3500 models.

Here’s a video of the NV prototype:

(video courtesy of

The New York Times’s Cheryl Jensen points out that Nissan’s NV is bulkier than the European-style Ford TransitConnect, available in an electric version later this year. Nissan’s VP of commercial vehicles, Joe Castelli, pointed out the unique demands of U.S. customers, saying, “This is a unique vehicle. Our market is so much different than the streets of Paris or Tokyo. Our customer tends to like big horsepower, torque, payload.”