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Take One Step Closer to Real-Time Asset Management

Real-time asset management is a maturing theme within the oil & gas industry that has not yet reached its full potential. Intelligent Oilfields, Smart Fields, Field of the Future, and iFields are just several examples of terms used in the oil & gas industry to describe the vision of real-time asset management in action.

Real-time asset management is the vision in which the industry transforms itself by continually moving toward delivering real-time information, thereby enabling real-time actions. Most companies, large and small, have taken the initial steps to instrument and automate, remote and distributed assets in the industry to collect and visualize data regarding the operational performance and health of those assets. Collecting and visualizing data is not enough, it’s the next steps to truly optimize and transform the industry that make the most impact and are just underway. One of those steps includes predicting asset performance, enabling users to make quicker and better decisions, and to act on those decisions at the right time, with the right people, and the right tools.

Predix and APM (asset performance management) from GE Digital analyzes and predicts asset performance, enabling the ability to make quicker and better informed decisions. ServiceMax is a field service management platform that receives service requests, automatically creates work orders, and dispatches the most suitable technicians to proactively service equipment before it ever fails. The joint value and integration of the two applications helps companies in the oil & gas industry to increase field service and operational efficiencies, avoid lost production, and decrease safety and compliance incidents.

Register today for Maximize and the half-day oil & gas session to learn more about real-time asset management using ServiceMax and APM technology. Maximize is ServiceMax’s global field service summit and customer conference for the field service and field operations industry.

2 thoughts on “Take One Step Closer to Real-Time Asset Management

  1. Dear Phil, great subject. There is no doubt that this is the way to go. I would love to see information regarding: Minimum requirements (Intruments performance and IT) to make it a success. What are the options flr brown fields ( old operating fields), how is the link stablished with sub surface devices and well tests systems?
    Again, great stuff, but I need to have a feel of the full picture. Thank you

  2. Thanks, Luis! ServiceMax is a SaaS solution. The only requirements would be access to a web browser for office users and access to a mobile device (iOS, Android, or Windows) for field tech users.

    ServiceMax is the only Field Service Management solution that has Industrial Internet of Things capabilities available today and has customers using the capability. The only requirements to make use of this capability is to connect sensor data to the cloud. That data can be sent via SCADA to a historian and then connected to the cloud at that point. Whether the sensor data is in greenfield or brownfields, as long as the data is connected to the cloud, that data can automatically trigger the creation of work orders to take that next step toward Real Time Asset Management.

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